The traditional method of Surveying & Mapping is changed with the evolution of drone technology offering enormous opportunities for Surveyors & GIS experts in wide range of industries such as Mining, Construction, Architecture, Forestry, Powerline and many more. Drones are highly adaptable & have potential to deliver the high-definition three-dimensional information about the surrounding environment. The most expensive topographic survey, GIS survey and Aerial photogrammetry Surveys are now possible with the help of drones in cost-effective way. 

Drones eliminate the risk for Surveyors to explore unknown terrains and also gives ease of access to difficult areas like rocky terrains, cliffs, dams , rivers, railway lines, areas effected by environmental disasters, etc, with greater precision & accuracy providing GSDs around 1cm/pixel image. Acquisition can be done on demand for high resolution 3D modelling & for extraction of point clouds, digital surface/ elevation models [DSM/ DTM] which can be done in hours, thus making right decisions on time.

Some of our Exceptional Solutions


Provide Orthomosaic Images
Extract 3D Point Clouds & DSM/ DTM
Provide Volumetric Measurements
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Provide Contour lines
Accurate Geospatial Maps
Change Detection Mapping
Site Mapping
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Real-time Data Processing

Industrial Applications

We provide best-in-class solutions to our clients by delivering mapping products that are familiar & consistent with their design process.