The growing need for surveillance and security to maintain the decorum at a place and ensure the safety of its people is becoming essential in todays scenario. An aerial surveillance system will be worthwhile in this regard with an electronic eye-in-the-sky almost replacing physical security and surveillance appliances. Yet, drone usage for perimeter security remains limited in the commercial sense – we are yet to see fleets of swarm drones patrolling and securing high-value assets and premises – autonomously, reliably, repeatedly, affordably, & globally. It can be deployed in a multitude of 24/7 security and surveillance use-cases where the intensity for real-time situation awareness for optimal resource deployment is inevitable, fixed nature of CCTVs, resulting in blind spots and zero mobility, risk of manned patrols in harsh weather and unsafe environments and live remote monitoring of high-value projects or activities. This promising surveillance and security system identifies physical movement, any acoustic signal and even vibrations on the ground, and to approach the areas of interest. It is capable for instantaneous scan, detect, track and neutralize the objects under surveillance.  So, security teams can expand their situational awareness while making more effective use of their human resources. This system will be a convenient and efficient alternative to current surveillance systems. It can be used in peace keeping activities and realtime monitoring of a place at any time of the day. Provides fast and efficient surveillance at an affordable rate widely at private, institutional, and governmental level. 

Our Exceptional Solutions


One-touch take-off and return
Ergonomic Design
Live HD Video and snapshot recording
4K HD video and 40x hyper-zoom 
Live Digital zoom
Target icons created by Pixel perfect - Flaticon
Moving Target Indication
Night Vision with IR cameras
Multi-band frequency Jamming
Self-stabilizing gimbal
Transmission encryption