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Precision AgriDrone


"To Those That Works In Acres, Not In Hours"

Recently, the state government signed a partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF) Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution exploring the use of drones for various governmental services.Drone mapping can be used to improve irrigation systems and agricultural yields. So,The high-resolution multi-spectral images from drones, coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Learning, help to gain insight into plant health, soil conditions and can help to predict crop yield. The data collected by drones is combined with satellite-based remote sensing data. Soil-based sensor data can provide actionable insights to take timely action to prevent losses from crop disease, optimise irrigation and reduce the impact of climate change and unpredictable seasonal variations. However, the social challenge is cost and training, where our drones will be cheaper and available in one-switch mode to Indian farmers.



  • Power Type    :  Electric
  • Drone Type    :   Near VTOL
  • Range             :   25 Km
  • Edurance        :   6 Hrs
  • Max Speed     :  10 Km/hr
  • Max Payload  :  50Kg

Last-Mile Logistic Drone


"To Those That Need Of Experience Delivery Than Product Delivery"

Drones has a view into the future for the Logistics Sector. This will be the urban first and last-mile use case is probably the most tangible and spectacular in the logistics industry. So, the use of the stereotypical drone is most clearly going to impact air shipments. As transportation consolidation becomes a bigger factor in the use of trucks to deliver goods, the obvious way autonomous vehicles, both of flight and simply driving, seem to be the best solutions. After all, each time a product is delivered by a transport drone, it saves space and time, which helps to further consolidate freight and reduce overall costs. Furthermore, transport drones could be employed to automatically load and unload trucks at different locations, making the entire process more autonomous and accurate.



  • Power Type   :   Hybrid
  • Drone Type    :   Near VTOL
  • Range             :   50 Km
  • Edurance        :   4 Hrs
  • Max Speed     :   25 Km/hr
  • Max Payload  :   75Kg