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The Drone Festival of India hosted in partnership with the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Government of India is India’s largest UAV conference. Drone Festival of India is hosting Keynotes and Panel Discussions on the Drone Policies of the World, Advancement of Drone Technology, Operations and Traffic Management in the Drone Ecosystem and the Future of the Drone Industry.

Speakers and Audience

Attend the event to meet and network with Aviation Regulators, Drone Manufacturers, Drone Services Companies, Drone Software Companies, Flying Training Organisations, Pilots, Enthusiasts and Consumers of Drone Services from both Government and Private sector companies in the Agriculture, Cement, Chemical, Energy, Infrastructure, Insurance, Logistics, Mining, Oil and Gas, Telecom, Solar and other sectors.

About Drone Federation of India

The Drone Federation of India (DFI) is an industry-led body that promotes and strives towards building a safer and scalable Drone industry in India. DFI addresses issues of the Drone Industry and helps solve them by forging strong Global Industry Partnerships, Extensive Research, Technology and Knowledge Transfers, Business Case Studies, Pilot Projects, engage with Policymakers and providing members access to industry insights.