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Research and Development

Team GARUDAASTRA with successful market insights, decided to bring out the advance UAV Technology to design UAV / Drones with flexibility and safety. Presently, the GA LAB is concentrated in  UAV swarming and Common Aircraft Design Optimization Language (CADOL). We are developing Autonomous Operational Effectiveness, Automated Aerospace Systems, Pilotless Aircraft Systems, Autonomous Navigation and Guidance with Computer Vision-based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping & Autonomous 3-D Orientation which are GPS Independence.

GA LAB is also exploring CADOL, which enables the aircraft designers to access the simple and flexible design cycle for dynamic requirements and parameter sensitivity study. Therefore, workflow setup modules and its respective analysis will be having reduced time period. The developed tool includes modules such as, Sizing, Aerodynamics, Structures, Propulsion, Stability & Control and Performance.

The interested academia, R&D organizations and industry professionals can join GA LAB to have collaborative R&D work.

Mail us at: "coo@garudaastra.com".