“India shares 15,106.7 km of its boundary with seven nations— Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Managing such diverse land borders is a complex task and these land borders run through different terrains. However, India faces tremendous challenges to its security, particularly due to the nefarious designs of a hostile neighbour in Pakistan, and unpredictability along the Indo-China border. The western border is an eternal hotbed with terrorists, drug-traffickers, smugglers, and human trafficking gangs always on the lookout for opportunities to sneak past the BSF and enter our territory.” 

Unmanned aerial systems can play an effective role in keeping an eye on such intruders and help reduce casualties among our security forces patrolling the borders. UAVs in the Indian case have proved to be a technology enhancer and enabler for performing reconnaissance, air and maritime surveillance of borders, and intelligence collection. UAVs are force multipliers, and their use is optimal when there is synergy among defense and paramilitary forces.  Moreover, the range of UAVs is a significant asset when compared to border agents on patrol or stationary surveillance equipment and the costs of operating a UAV are more than double the costs of operating a manned aircraft. UAVs also can provide precise and real-time imagery to a ground control operator, who would then disseminate that information so that informed decisions regarding the deployment of border patrol agents can be made quickly. Inclement weather conditions can also impinge on a UAV’s surveillance capability, especially UAVs equipped with only an EO camera and Forward-Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR), because cloudy conditions and high humidity climates can distort the imagery produced by EO and FLIR equipment. 

Operational Characteristics

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Reconnaissance And Surveillance
Target Detection, Recognition, Identification And Acquisition
Law Enforcement
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Perimeter Monitoring


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