The world is continuously deploying new technologies in Construction Industry for the speed, accuracy, and safety in the construction projects. Drones can be used right from the stage of land purchase till the post construction stage of the project They are used for bring out effective and efficient pre-construction, construction to post-construction stage engagement from conventional methods for site survey, contour mapping, site progress monitoring, and construction quality management. The monitoring of project progress with respect to the planning and scheduling is practically tedious and time consuming for site engineers as to keep real-time check on every corner of site and builders/contractors need to rely on these engineers for taking further decisions. The use of drones will be giving real-time progress on all parts of site and help contractors and other stakeholders to manage large number of sites by knowing proper data and taking necessary decision within less time and has accounted technologies disrupting the property and real estate industry. Drones in construction allow contractors a chance to monitor any issue / potential risk, track progress, schedule the maintenance and develop better plans on-site by providing an unrivalled view of a site at a fraction of the cost 

Work Phases

Pre-construction stage

  • Site mapping – deliverables:  aerial images / video, DTM, Orthomosiac, topographic map.   
  • Site selection and purchase using the mapping deliverables for understanding site location, site surroundings, and site barriers.  

Pre-construction stage

  • Monitoring the construction process and providing the tracking record – deliverables: aerial images/video, DTM 
  • Generating the real-time progress report of construction sites.  
  • Surveillance for high productivity and safety of workforce.

Post-Construction stage

  • Document registry using digital outcomes of precise aerial photogrammetry.
  • Marketing & Promotion using aerial visual demonstration.


  • Project report for evaluating the work from start to finish using aerial outcomes 

Industrial Benefits

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