GARUDAASTRA gives freedom of learning and development opportunities in building the career in your passionate field. The intensive support is given to achieve your best. Welcome to GARUDAASTRA, the team of passionate engineers who thrives to achieve the best.
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GARUDAASTRA gives equal opportunities to the career which you wanted to explore for all the categories of employment.




Voice of Employees

“A company that inspired me, a domain in which I felt passionate to work , a position that challenged me and stretched me into different areas, management that encouraged and empowered me to do my best and great had work environment and team spirit. For me, this is more than a job. I’m investing my time, my knowledge and experience in a company that is investing in me.”

                                                                – UAV Engineer 

“It’s a great pleasure to be part of Garudaastra’s UAV team. As an employee in Garudaastra, I like the way my seniors encourage and give me the freedom to explore new things in the drone industry and the work culture here is amazing.”

                                                  – Trainee Engineer

“Working at Garudaastra has been a dream come true for me. It’s been a fabulous experience working in the Projects and R&D department. Every moment has just been phenomenal since the day I joined the company. The support which I receive from my colleagues is just amazing. I look forward to the beautiful journey ahead!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Intern