Enter your field through digital transformation, the first step towards future farming. Improve the sustainability, productivity, and profitability of your agricultural operations. Precision Agriculture combines this level of expertise with modern automation and the result of improvements in yielding. Integrating drone-based aerial intelligence into farming requires more than just picking a UAV platform.  It’s also set to be a pillar of more heavily automated operations to come when more drone operators are granted the ability to work BVLOS. All the acres in your farm do not have uniform soil quality, nor the same capacity to soak fertilizers. So, drone mapping shows the optimum level of fertilizing for different parts of the farmland. The much higher pixel resolution provides a more accurate and detailed picture of crop health, enabling customized precision farming strategies by using digital deliverables such as Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Green and Red ratio Vegetation Index (GRVI), Visual Atmospheric Resistance Index (VARI), Normalized difference red edge index (NDRE), Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index (SAVI), and Enhanced Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (ENDVI). Drones can significantly alleviate labour pressure on agricultural operations like applying pesticides or fertilisers, while enhancing the crop coverage area per day. This will provide significant ease of farming for farmers, who can use the time saved to carry out other activities, while responding quickly to biotic challenges. The ability to pinpoint needy areas allows spot application of fertilizer & pesticide spraying rather than whole-field treatment, which reduces negative impacts to the environment and ensure effective application and maximum coverage to have proper soil fertility and crop health.


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Farming Solutions

Mobile App

  1. An efficiency-building precision farming web-based application  
  2. Access to precise crop intelligence metrics and recommendations for taking specific actions corresponding to this intelligence, such as irrigate, fertilize, or spray pesticides, to produce higher crop yields. 
  3. Notifications for Predictive and monitoring insights of crop yield management  
  4. Trigger the actions to mitigate the effect of various biotic and abiotic stresses on crops. 
  1. Soil and field planning to create impressive levels of value relative to cost. 
  2. Recommend the best procedures for fertilization and planting activities including checking nutrient levels, moisture concentrations, and erosion among others. 
  3. Implement a more granular approaches to seed and water the crops, as well as to apply fertilizer, pesticide, and other sensitive chemical agents. 

Irrigation Planning​

Crop Monitoring​

  1. Continuous and consistent crop surveillance  
  2. Optimal schedule for its peak and ready for harvest arrangements 
  3. Reliable detection, accurate identification, and proper quantification of pathogens. 
  4. More highly customized precision farming strategies based on accurate data.  
  5. In case of any unfortunate crop accidents, reports generated for crop damage assessment for claiming crop insurance. 
  1. Best Sprinkling systems for declined wastage of chemical agents 
  2. Automated fertilizer spraying for proper soil fertility management 
  3. Automated pesticide or other sensitive chemical agents spraying for healthy crop management 
  4. Spot spraying at the excessive growth of weeds, or if only a section of the farmland is facing an infestation.

Logistic Optimization​