Drone is a critical technology that will help to drive the agricultural sector to new heights. The adoption of unmanned aerial systems has great potential to revolutionize the Indian agriculture and to ensure country’s food security. There are several activities like spraying of pesticides and soil & crop nutrients, monitoring and analysis of field moisture, fertigation, planting, and harvesting performed easily through drone technology. This emerging technology can help farmers in optimizing both productivity and profitability of the land by reducing time, increasing the efficiencies of the inputs, and securing high yield and quality of the crops. The use of drones also helps to minimize the rise of health and environmental hazards associated with manual spraying of pesticides and other agrochemicals.  Another incredible merit of adopting drones for crop fertilization comes with their feature to analyse, identify, and survey the crops for any deficiencies. Drone technology can also provide the essential nutrients to the soil to improve their health and well-being. Through its operations of 3D mapping and data processing, drones achieve this operation of analysing soil health. This empowers farmers with more convenient and efficient options, reduces operation costs, improves crop quality, and increases yield rate. 

Redefining the elements of forestry, drone technology entails merits towards the progress and advancement of the forest ecosystems. Dense forests cause visibility issues where aerial views of forestry gives better perspective, and a clear vantage point of the area. Planning road, access points, and walkways is simple while the need to physically navigate the area is removed. Aerial images of trees shows variation in health and density. Issues unseen from a human perspective are made clear when you move above the tree line. After storms and damaging events, drone makes better visualize the damages clearly and quickly addressed. Aerial insights on the health of individual trees of the entire forest and pinpointing areas which require fertiliser allows you to focus your efforts where it’s needed. Intervention can be made before the problem is bad enough to be visible, saving trees at risk of failing. With the help of UAVs, the balance of the ecosystem can be maintained, to better degrees. Aerial imagery, mapping, and data processing as performed by the AI-powered drones express endangerment alerts, scan for potential threats to wildlife. Drones in this realm push the boundaries of forest cultivation and maintenance, redeeming wildlife and vegetation, while also monitoring risks to prevent the tree falls. With the adoption of drones, forestry can witness a high cascade of improvement and growth, like never before!  


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