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Garudaastra, Established in 2019 by swarm of young, experienced and zestful Aeronautical Engineers, passionate about design, development and deployment of Aerial & Space Vehicles. Our Journey started by bringing flying capabilities for various well-known venture's and unsuccessful Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) models through redesigning with optimization. Consequently experimenting, learning and experiencing the art of Engineering design has led us in the UAV / Drones realm, featuring and demonstrating the real-time challenges of UAV applications with the present-day. We as Aerospace Engineers would like to promote the operations of UAV / Drones and matching to the growing demand of Indian market in size and quality. We extend our smart work by achieving the goals and setting new trends from time to time. The commitment “your mission our design” is a great promise given to our trusted customers. We also committed to safe and reliable services in this regard.

We offer a unique and innovative design for unmanned aerial systems to meet challenging applications in current world scenario and customize the existing design with a multiple number of solutions. We also extend our expertise in Design, Development and Services to all UAV based Industries and Manufacturers as well as other drone service providers.

Garudaastra also provides all Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Services & Product Development Services to different Engineering fields like Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Marine, Railways, Oil & Gas, etc.

We also extend our business by providing project-based learning environment for young professionals and upcoming engineers of world of UAV by conducting workshops, training in various fields of design, analysis, testing and flying. We are also delightful to serve all the hobbyists with the never seen collection of all UAV / Drone accessories and fabrication tools to encourage them. Checkout our “e-commerce@ www.rcgaruda.com”

                                                                                                               “Happy and Safe Flying”