Surveying & Mapping

Drones can provide accurate field mapping including elevation information, high definition 3-dimensional information that allow growers to find any irregularities in the field in a cost-effective manner. We can access unexplored and risky terrains with greater accuracy by reducing the field time. Monitoring & Inspection are made simple by low level aerial survey capturing real-time data. We can create synthetic images for analysis and better visualization.

Disaster Management

With UAVs for natural disasters as a tool for defending, planning and mapping, locations can better prepare themselves for these occurrences. Drones provide unique viewing angles at low altitudes not possible from manned aircraft and enhance the effectiveness of responders. They can then better resolve the damage, too, by finding individuals and securing the infrastructure. Drones are proving themselves to be invaluable, and more fields are now likely to adopt them.  

Surveillance & Security

Perimeter security through aerial surveillance becomes more effective as technology continues to improve and applications expand. It is an easier, faster and affordable way to collect data. Unmanned aerial systems provide an ideal solution to the challenges and limitations faced by other surveillance methods such as operating at night with the help of IR sensors, acting as “eyes in the sky” for monitoring insecure borders and dangerous zones.

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture to a more classic form of crop cultivation and farm management, before mechanized farming. This allows farmers to divide their land into more granular lines than ever before and to use each square foot in a strategic, intelligent way. ergonomic designed drones, sensor payloads, flight software and analytics are combined into a powerful data value chain to form a brilliant agricultural technology solution.

Why Us?

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Industries we Offer


Drones in construction industry reduces the project’s cost provide in depth understanding of site condition and layout, monitoring & progress tracking, provide decision making processes, time efficiency and more safety.


Drones can operate in hazardous areas beneath the surface accurate information for mine planning, surveying, inventory management & assessment, and hotspot detection improving safety, and increasing productivity.

Energy & Utilities

Drone technology is used to perform tasks that are economically impossible with traditional screening methods to better anticipate expected asset failures and opens up whole new opportunities for predictive maintenance.

Defense & Homeland Security

Endless use cases of homeland with stealth drone ecosystem includes law enforcement and border surveillance, long distance ISR, swarm operations and short range armed drones for combat.